Why Choose Us

Your horse deserves to rest and recharge after the stress of travel from Europe and confinement in USDA Quarantine.  


After the hardship of travel from Europe and confinement in USDA Quarantine, your horse needs to relax and recharge. Our goal is to get you out of CEM Quarantine and into the arena as quickly, safely, and without issue as soon as possible. We provide robust amenities, ample riding and training space, turnout, handling, and concierge services to owners in need of assistance. Most importantly, we are equine veterinarian-owned and operated. WellGrove Equine Veterinary Clinic is our exclusive partner for all CEM services and is located on premises, ensuring that whatever your horse need, a skilled equine medical staff is always available.

WellGrove Equine is South Florida’s top equine reproduction and wellness facility, as well as the most experienced CEM team of veterinarians.

Meet the WellGrove Equine Team and learn more about the clinic’s equine wellness and reproduction services.

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Our CEM Survival Guide will walk you through the CEM quarantine process and address any concerns or questions you may have.